Manufacture Capacity and products introduction


China National Petroleum Corporation

Liaoyang Petrochemical Fibre Company

Machinery Factory


1. General information of the factory

Liaoyang Petrochemical Fibre Company (Liaohua) Machinery Factory, which is subordinate to China National Petroleum Corporation, is one of the key enterprises for manufacturing petrochemical equipments. It occupies ground over 74 acres, possesses over eight million USD of fixed assets and has five hundred and forty three staff and workers. It provides construction and repair services for petrochemical industry.

The factory has ten branch factories including Vessel Building Factory, Special Steel Factory, No.1 Machine Building Factory, No.2 Machine Building Factory, Material Preparation Factory, Forging and Performing Factory, Tank Wagon Factory, Valve Factory, Punching Part Factory and Nondestructive Examination Factory. It also has technicality and management departments including Production Management Dept., Sales and Marketing Dept., Quality Control Dept. and Supply Dept. In the factory, seventy-five engineering technical personnel engages in marketing, production, technology and management. There are several laboratories in the factory including Metal Mechanical Property Lab, Metallographic Examination Lab, Spectrographic Analysis Lab, NDE Lab, Chemical Analysis Lab, Welding Lab, Calibration Lab which has been qualified as the first class measuring unit of the state and Archives which has been qualified as the second class unit of the state for archive control. All these act as the inspection and evaluation methods for warranty of product quality. Through production practice for many years, a technical team with strong ability of designing, technology preparing, producing, inspecting and product exploiting and an army of working staffs being bold in surmounting difficulties and having a perfect mastery of techniques have been brought up.

The factory holds the authorization certificate issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for construction of vessels covered by the ASME Code Section VIII Division 1. and has the license issued by China Quality and Technology Supervisory Bureau for design and fabrication of the A1 classpressure vessels, high pressure vessels and special material pressure vessels; The corrugation expansion joint has been awarded the ZC Approval by China Ship Examination Bureau and got the Type Approval of English Lloyd’s Register of Shipping first in China.

The main products of the factory cover nine categories: pressure vessels, multi-platen corrugation expansion joints, high temperature resistant and corrosion-resisting castings and forgings, general machine and spare parts, textile spare parts, pipe fittings, internals and packing of column, and special welding material. Among them the representative products are: scraper condenser and polyester condensation polymerization filter necessary for polyester unit; cracking quench boiler, waste heat boiler and high pressure vapor vessel for cracking unit; alternating pressure absorber, high pressure heat exchanger for hydro cracking unit. All these products have been made for petrochemical plants for many times and won positive feedbacks from customers. Extra low carbon stainless steel, high nickel-chrome thermos table steel and their casting and forging pieces produced by America-imported AOD vessel, corrugation expansion joint, rotors of screw mixer have the distinguishing features of the factory.

Heavy Horizontal Centrifuge Decanter and Dry Running Gas Seal, the new products with the most advanced technique, have been put into operation in petrochemical plants and have achieved good results. Their quality is completely comparable with the ones made in the United States.

We persist in the managing principle of quality first and credit first. Satisfying the customer is our ultimate goal. We hope to build wide-ranging cooperation relationship with people from all trades and professions all over the world.


2. Qualification of the factory

2.1. ASME certificate


2.2. Manufacture License of Special Equipment(pressure vessel)

3.Production Facilities

The factory hold more than 650 units manufacturing and machining equipment, mostly including:


3.1. Equipment for manufacturing pressure vessel

Numerical Control Incising Machine

12 Metre Plane Border Machine


Welding Equipment: automatic submerged arc welding machine, inert-gas tungsten arc welding machine, strip overlap welding machine, narrow gap welding machine,75 ton crane hoist.




80mm Roll Plate Machine


3.2.Machining equipment:

Numerical control drill press,universal lathe, horizontal lathe



3.3. Forging and preforming equipment:(corrugation expansion jointsmanufacturing equipment)800 tons oil press, 2 tons forging hammer.


3.4. Inspection and testing equipment: spectrograph analyzer, carbon-sulphur analyzer, oxygen-nitrogen analyzer.


4. The leading products:

4.1. pressure vessel

The factory has the license issued by the National Quality and Technology Supervisory Bureau for design and fabrication of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd class pressure vessels, and holds the authorization certificate issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) for construction of vessels covered by the ASME Code Section VIII Division 1. For over thirty years, more than 3500 sets of pressure vessels have been made for Liaohua and other petrochemical plants.


4.1.1 ASME Code Items

Since first receiving the ASME Authorization Certificate in 1991, Liaohua Machinery Factory has renewed the certificate for five times, and has constructed several ASME Code Items. In 1992, 10 sets of alternating pressure absorbers were made for Liaohua Oil Refinery Extension Project. In 1995, 14 sets of agitator shells were made for PTA Unit of Liaohua Second Period Extension Project. In 2001, 10 sets of alternating pressure absorbers were made for Hydrocracking Unit of Fushun Petrochemical Company No.3 Petroleum Plant. The alternating pressure absorbers under operation are shown in the picture.


4.1.2. Key Equipment for Cracking Boiler

In 1998, the factory made the key equipment for 60000 tons CBL-IV Cracking Boiler of Liaohua Alkene Plant. Among these equipment, 24 sets of primary waste heat boilers, 2 sets of secondary waste heat boilers and 1 set of high pressure vapour vessel were made with special materials, and their structures were very complicated, so it is very difficult to fabricate. At that time, only a few of factories in China could make these kinds of equipment. They were finished in a short period of time and were put into operation at one time. All the operation performances of the equipment were fairly satisfied.

Cracking Quench Boiler



4.1.3 Key Equipment for Polyester Unit

In 1994, we contracted to manufacture more than 300 sets of nonstandard equipment during the construction of Liaohua 200000 Tons Per Year Polyester Unit. In 1999, we contracted to manufacture 51 sets of key equipment for Liaohua Polyester Unit Extension Project. Among them the fabrication of rotating accessories of the scraper condenser terminated the history of importing this kind of products. The polyester condensation polymerization filter and the pre-condensation polymerization filter also were made by the factory other than imported from foreign countries. All the equipment was put into operation at only one time and received positive feedbacks from specialists and customers.




Scraper Condenser


Polyester Condensation Polymerization Filter




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