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Oasis Yarn is the trade mark of DJ International Inc. a respected member of the textile industry since 2005. As a yarn wholesaler and distributor, Oasis yarn offers high quality yarns at very competitive prices. Oasis Yarns are made from a combination of natural fibers and synthetic fibers, such as cashmere, silk, wool, bamboo & soybean fiber, corn & milk fiber, nylon, acrylic, polyester, etc.

Currently, our main product line includes premium quality Australian wool or Aussi Wool. Aussi Wool currently comes in bulk weight (Aussi wool, 128 yds/100g), worsted weight (Aussi worsted, 200 yds/100g), and sock yarn (Aussi socks, 400 yds/100g). Both Aussi Wool and Aussi Worsted are felted very well, even the snow white! Aussi sock is made of super-wash Australian wool, blended with 10% nylon to hold the knitted socks more firmly. The wool material of the Aussi serial products are imported from Australia and dyed and packed in China to maintain product integrity & high quality at an affordable price.

Seduction Silk Yarn is made of 100% silk and hand dyed in beautiful variegated colors. They are packed in 310 yds/100g big skeins. These silk yarns are made in our mill located in a historical town in China with over 2000-year history of silk production.

Oasis novelty yarns carry a unique fiber structure and bright professional color design. Our novelties are very affordable, which can be used as embellishments, tramming, or adding colors to a felting piece allowing a wider variety and degree of creativity.

We also provide low cost knitting needles & crochet hooks ideal for teaching classes or kit accessories along with lots of small items not listed on our website. Our goal is to make knit and crochet projects and activities more fun and affordable. Please email or call us for wholesale information.
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